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hi mouser,
I see you're on a roll with updates lately so I'll ask for at least a minor update here :)

But first,
popup wisdom is a great little app - it has a lot of potential too imo. I see you started a FARR plugin at one stage for searching 'quote' contents via FARR.
If it were easier to add or modify text/quotes, or simply add comments to existing quotes, it could be used in a much broader manner e.g.

* as a long term todo list
* for ideas/topics that are rattling around the back of your mind - get them down here, and get occasionally prompted to think about them
* add your thoughts to quotes
* simply easily easily add new quotes/text
I had plans to write a mini-review and expand on those ideas above, but dont seem to get around to it :-[

But in the short term, what makes it almost unusable for me, is that it momentarily steals focus when a popup shows.
When typing, it disrupts normally to the extent that one letter is missing - I'm a look at the keyboard typist so this is particularly challenging.
with YT videos at any rate, it breaks full-screen view. Not sure if that the same with other full screen apps.

Dunno does that all happen everyone, I only use it on my Win7 machine btw.

Another thing, but a minor one:
when I click on a popup, it disappears on the down-click. Default in Windows is that something works on the up-click, which allows one to have second thoughts

Good timing.

Let's see here..
First, sounds like it would be good for popup wisdom to not auto show a quote if a full screen app is running.

As for making it easier to add quotes.. you could just edit the quote text files you know.. but the idea of having a built in text editor for a built-in quote file does seem like it might make it easier to quick edit stuff.

Not steal focus -- makes sense to me -- i will try to make it so.

Hide on mouse-up -- added to todo list.

the farr plugin to search quote works well afaik.

glad the timing is good :up:

the farr plugin to search quote works well afaik.
-mouser (November 30, 2013, 12:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

thanks, will try it.

Re editing - I was thinking of something very easy, unfortunately I dont have it (Popup wisdom) installed here, so cannot check. Will try and have a look at it tomorrow.

With the quotes for example - I currently have two 'books' installed - a philosopher one, and the Eno one.
Sometimes I would simply like to delete a quote.
Sometimes I would like to add commentary to it.
Sometimes it makes me think of something else I'd like to write and add to a book of, say, "Quotes by me".

I know there's already a bunch of buttons there, and I dont know what could be possible from a coding perspective. But I think it would look better either with less, or without any buttons, and if we could access the current options, and any new ones (del/comment/new) say via a right-click or via a popup menu.
(I'm just firing off ideas here now)

Not steal focus -- makes sense to me -- i will try to make it so.
-mouser (November 30, 2013, 12:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

Hurray :)

Can you guys try this new beta to see if i've fixed the foreground issue:

IMPORTANT: You need to go into options and UNCHECK the box "Popup get Active Focus".

ps. you can also get it in portable version now:


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