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e-book how-to - looking for MS Word & etc.

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update- Okay, picked one up from Amazon for about $9.98 grand total, and I'll be happy to report on the outcome when it arrives in a few days. Tnx.
-bit (November 28, 2013, 11:43 AM)
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I was just going to say that it might be worth starting a new thread asking specifically about e-book creation. Hopefully Word can do that...
-tomos (November 28, 2013, 02:03 PM)
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That's a nice idea. Maybe once an e-book thread starts, the link could be posted here to give a little continuity.
My main problem is that pure white screens burn my eyes out, which would be the retinas I suppose.
That's why I'm such a big fan of DimScreen; 'better a DimScreen than a dim brain'. :)

I just retitled the thread to make it for e-books. :)
This thread can address the subject from the POV of donationcoder users.
But just to round out the discussion, here are a few places that also handle this subject. is an e-book forum for Kindle, which is the subsidiary of that handles do-it-yourself e-book uploads, and is free to join, and Amazon's Kindle is free to join & use. is a go-between site where people who know how to do stuff can be hired by people who want stuff done, such as e-book prep, and guru oversees and moderates everything (think of an ebay for creative thinkers), and is free to join.

There are tutorials on youtube for how to prepare e-books, and you just have to sift through them because some are just come-ons to buy unposted how-to vids, while others are complete, open-post tutorials and free to watch.

I might mention that if you discover that someone has posted an unauthorized pirate copy of your book to, and is ripping your book, there is a way to deal with this.
Just contact Amazon's Legal Department, or...just contact Amazon's complaint department, and tell them the book is infringing on your rights.
Amazon's Legal Department will contact you, and ask you to clarify the problem in writing, and to show some kind of written proof you own the rights to your book.
So you would send Amazon a photocopy of your copyright certificate, and explain politely what your complaint is.
There may be a little more back and forth dialogue, but if you are patient and just keep answering Amazon's questions, they can decide to banish the infringing book from Amazon's entire global domain.
This won't get you 'damages', or extend beyond Amazon's domain, but within the huge Amazon domain, the infringing copy of your book will be shut down.
It may remain 'posted' on Amazon, but it will not be 'available', and you will have a clear field to sell your own book.
And if anyone else tries to infringe on you, just keep telling Amazon.
It's free, and you don't need a lawyer or Literary Attorney.
But you do need to have a Certificate of Copyright.
That song & dance that "Your rights are protected the moment you set pen to paper..." may be true, but get a Certificate anyways ASAP.
In fact, if you omitted getting a Certificate of Copyright and were infringed, just apply to the LOC (Library of Congress) for a Certificate anyways, as it might go through even if you end up having to explain that it's late.

Mailing a copy of your Work to yourself by Registered/Certified Mail as a poor-man's substitute for a Certificate of Copyright is a false idea so don't waste your time or money on it, just get a Certificate from the LOC.

Publishing through Amazon, using CreateSpace for 'real paper', or Kindle for e-book, you'll be given a free copyright and bar code number by Amazon, so you can either use that, or also file one separately with the LOC, and the wait for a Certificate to be mailed to you from the LOC for USPS 'real paper' submissions is 2 1/2 years (been there, done that, don't ask), whereas e-filing can be just a couple of months.

My recommendation is SoftMaker FreeOffice. It's a free, full-fledged office suite that only needs 58 MB of space on your hard disc. It has the best compatibility with Microsoft Office of all alternative office suites, you can open and save doc/docx faithfully.  Interface is similar / familiar to that of MS Office 2003 (no ribbons), with several modern extensions, so there's not too much of a learning curve. It's very fast, and, even more important, also very reliable. Give it a try, it's free:


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