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e-book how-to - looking for MS Word & etc.

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Are older versions of MS Word available as legal free downloads?
If so, where can I find a legit MS Word download freebie from a safe site?

I doubt that you could find a legal copy of an older version of MS Word.  But an excellent, free alternative to Word is AbiWord which is available here

You'll get older MS Office software on ebay FWIW. Not free though...

On the free front:
LibreOffice/Writer looks nice - just installed it this week.

Short answer is no. Microsoft never gives any version of their office apps away unless it's part of some special deal they're offering somebody. Anybody who claims otherwise is mistaken.

There are plenty of good and free alternatives to Word available for download. A Google search will spot you several if the above suggestions don't work for you.

I would be happy to oblige and go for a cheaper alternate, but someone I'm working with uses MS Word.
Okay, at this link;
MS Word 2013

...Customer Review by... By Steven K. Hovland
Platform for Display:PC Download
They've done it again. Screwed around with the interface for no good reason, made it hard to read and hard to use. You can't find the settings to get rid of the pale pastel print that is a usability nightmare. I'm going to download a trial of Word Perfect. We don't like the mail program that comes with Windows 8, and I'm absolutely not going to pay for 2013 Outlook on the assumption that it will have the same problems. We're presently trying Mozilla Thunderbird for email. I bought the key from one of the office places.

After several calls and emails, this is MS's response:

"I have tried to contact you over the phone but I was unable to talk to you and have left couple of voicemails. As you have mentioned that you and your wife didn't like the user interface of Word 2013. I respect your feedback but this was an attempt to make it more user friendly. Changes made in this version include a sleek appearance that reflects the look of Windows 8, functional improvements, and tie-ins to SharePoint and SkyDrive for storing documents online. In addition, the various components of Office Web Apps improve productivity in the cloud.

In keeping with the Modern style interface that you see in Windows 8, Office 2013 is getting a new look. Gone are the multiple shades of color that decorated the older interface, as well as the shadows and shading that suggested three dimensions. Instead, everything is minimalist, flat, and stark--mimicking the tiles on the Windows 8 start screen. The idea is that the new look will help you focus on your work rather than being distracted by the objects decorating your screen. This redesign have achieved the goal --most of the customers liked the crisper look."

So...I wonder what the earlier version was, that the customer liked so much.
Being an older version, it would hopefully be cheaper, maybe on ebay.


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