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Life after Cliptrakker

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So, since 1999 or so I have relying on Cliptrakker, a shareware app that I gladly paid for. Since my Windows 7 laptop won't run it, and it is no longer supported  :( I have been looking for a replacement and arrived at Clipboard Help+Spell.  Two things that got my attention, a search function (which Cliptrakker did not have and was needed) and the really good video explaining how the features and how the app works.

So, far, so good. I miss the familiar tabbed icon format of Cliptrakker but other than that, Clipboard Help+Spell is working well for me.

Welcome, Subsim, and thank you for posting.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the idea of a "tabbed icon format" ?

It's what I call the layout, sort of resembles tabbed browsers.

So the tabs would be pretty close to the group list on the left -- I don't see any compelling benefit of tabs.

But the grid view does look like it could be a nice alternative way to view images..

Yes, I like the grid view with the thumbnails, but your system is great,   :Thmbsup:   I am getting used to the change.  


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