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Suggestion: The ability to float screenshots on your workspace

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I just purchased Screenfloat for my Mac.  It's lacking some things that SSC has, but it has one killer feature that I think would be great in SSC.

When you take a screenshot, instead of popping up a dialog like SSC, it opens a floating borderless window with the image.  That window has controls on the edges to save and such, and also to set the transparency.  This is useful when doing comparisons, or referencing something as you're writing- or all sorts of things.

If you need some screenshots to visualize what I'm talking about more than at the site, let me know.  But their site explains it pretty good also.  I can't believe how cool it is to have this function- I'm really going to miss it on my main computer, which is why I figured I'd suggest it. :)

This has come up before, but i haven't quite grasped the value of it entirely until this post.

In the past when this has come up i have suggested that people simply use a standalone image viewer, of which there are many (irfanview is the one that comes to mind).

But I can definitely see the value of a simple quick image overlay that you could drag around and would stay on top, perhaps with transparency controls.

Now, I *could* fairly easily add such a function directly to Screenshot Captor, but I think this would be a perfect candidate for a standalone little tool that someone could write for NANY 2014.  It's trivial to interface such tools into Screenshot Captor.

If no one else does it for NANY I will.

What would be nice is if those of you who like this feature help specify the features and interface options that are important to you.

The features that seem important from what i gather are:
1. super-thin border (or borderless)
2. float on top of all windows
3. easily resizable (maybe with some options for this).
4. transparency control.

Maybe add the copy function or drag and drop to Framless by our skwire.

edit- the 'easily resizable' is not present in Frameless though.

I could take a look at it... I might have to ping you for help mouser :)  I'd thought about it... but figured that you'd be the perfect person to do it.


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