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RightNote version 3.0.0 released

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Wiznote blows rightnote out of the water and it's free.
Servers are in China, so it might be harder for the NSA to spy on you :). Only the Chinese gov., which may well not care enough :)
-urlwolf (August 10, 2013, 01:20 PM)
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This is very strange to me.  First, which Wiznote are you talking about:

I'm guessing the first.  I've tried this thing, it is very plain.  It's basically a simple version of evernote with (IIRC) a couple of nifty features.  I don't understand the comparison.  Rightnote is a windows application, it's not very focused on cloud stuff.  It is very windows-ish, lots of options, lots of buttons, lots of customizeability.  I wouldn't even consider using wiznote over rightnote.

IainB wrote a review which might help.

IainB wrote a review which might help.
-tomos (January 24, 2014, 02:38 PM)
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oh wow...looks like there has been a lot of development since i tried it.  OK, looks like I may have to take back what I said!

I'm not flooding the web with RightNote "hate", but since RN is described here, I'll have my word.

Switching from Ultra Recall to RightNote (as J-Mac has done) seems a little bit excentric.

Some details have been given by J-Mac above, and here's some other stuff:

Of course that false dichotomy was for fun (both elements), but Rael should do something about the issues with his very uneven prog, and fast.

Well, I'll add some RightNote love, to balance out the negative views.

I love RightNote, I think it's a wonderful piece of software and is perfect for my needs.  :-*
I probably don't use half it's features, but what I do need is in there, and the web capturing is excellent. Money well spent, IMO!


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