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RightNote version 3.0.0 released

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RightNote version 3.0.0 has been released:
RightNote Release History

31 July 2013, version 3.0.0

- New Feature: Evernote (Account) Manager makes it easy to work/sync with multiple Evernote accounts and notebooks.
- Fix a number of dialogs for high resolution display
- Change sync inbox page caption to “Sync Inbox”. This can be changed under Options->Editors->Evernote.
- The “Evernote Integration->Getting Started” help topic was re-written for the new Evernote Manager.
- Added help topics: Token security, Warnings and precautions, Additional way to link a notebook, and Notes for upgrading from v2.
--- End quote ---
I bought my licence on a Bits du Jour promotion.  At that point, Bits licence comments said minor versions only.  If that's correct, then as RightNote has changed from v2 to v3, I would have to buy a new licence if I wanted to use the version 3 series.  I don't immediately see anything on the BauerApps Web site about this or any price breaks, so I've contacted Rael for information.

50% upgrade discount.

Purchases made less than 12 months ago will work with v3 until 12 months after purchase date. Looks as if users would then have to revert to v2. Purchases made over 12 months ago aren't valid for v3.

If it's by date, then my licence would work.  Thanks, I hadn't spotted that.  I've not been much interested in the latest features, though, which mostly seem to revolve around EverNote Cloud.


RightNote Pro is not an inexpensive program, so 50% of that won't be overly affordable either. With regard to the Evernote sync, I have it all set up w/auth token from Evernote, separate notebook created, etc. but though I have tried syncing notes several times no RightNote notes ever end up in my Evernote account. I hadn't bothered to write to Rael about this as the Evernote sync isn't that important to me, at least not just yet. But if that is the main "improvement" for RN 3.0 then I think I'll have to pass for now. However I just know that future features added will probably grab me by the..  uhhh...  throat (!) at some point down the line. Either that or anytime I submit a support ticket I'll probably be told that I must upgrade for the fix.

I am fast reaching the very bottom of my software budget for this decade!


RightNote is "coming soon" at a 50% off on BitsDuJour. $29.97, which is $.02 more than the cost of an upgrade.

I've had RN for over a year and haven't found myself using it. If the discount also applies to upgrades, I might take it on spec that I might find a use for it in the future, otherwise, I will pass for now.


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