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Launchbar Commander still "Stealing Focus"

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To continue the discussion, Mouser, Launchbar Commander is still "stealing focus" with version 1.135.01. This has been an ongoing problem for some of us. For me, it means I have to go back to 2008, and version 1.83.01, to not have it "steal focus". Five years - and all those feature improvements - and I can't use them.

I know that if I turn off "Stay on Top" the problem goes away, but I want that feature more than the new features over the last 5 years (maybe - the latest versions don't spend much time on my system for checking them out...)

Sure wish you could find the problem. Really like the program.


OK let's get this fixed this week -- don't let me forget!

Can I ask you to email me ([email protected]) so I can have you test any fix attempts before I release to the public?

I just installed Launchbar and it still steals focus. I like the prog. but this makes it unusable.


I want to see if I can make a video showing the new version of LaunchbarCommander "stealing focus" and an older version not doing that. Prior to that, let me note this:

I know that I can show it stealing focus when I am in M$ Word 2010. I will click a drop down dialog box in Word, and then a split second later the drop down will roll back up and the title bar will change to show that Word no longer has focus.

If I do it in the older version that I am running, this doesn't happen.

Is this something that you can do to check? Do you run Micro$ucks Word?

(Also, as near as I can tell, all you need to have are the same versions of LaunchBarCommander.exe and quickdoclauncher.exe for the program to run properly - all the other files in the Directory don't care which version is running. Is this correct?)

Note to "Veryweird": See if you can get an older version of LaunchbarCommander [the version I run is 1.83.01] that doesn't have this problem. I lose out on 5 years of new features - but, Hey!, I don't know what they are, so absence is noted;>) Program is still very usable, and I would sorely miss it...

Im working on a new release now, to upload before end of this weekend -- time to fix this!


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