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Sorry, dont mean to be a retard, but any word on a new version?  The more I use FindRun the more I like it, but the more annoying become the small problems.  In particular: losing focus (getting hidden behind opening apps if you try to open two apps in quick succession) and  multiple entries (seems I'm getting swamped by duplicates even though I have the suppress duplicates option checked), and the quick update feature/curse (people could probably haggle over this one ad nausea!).

I noticed the thread on hotkey managers in the "Living Room."  Just wondering if you are still planning on implementing this in FindRun.  This isnt nearly as big a deal as the above, just a question I had after reading the other discussion. 

Like I said, i dont mean to be pushy!  It's just these sharp edges on an otherwise smooth program give me papercuts every now and then!  Thanks,


please don't give up on F&R,
i understand completely what you mean about frustrations, and i imagine they must be growing.
the last thing i want to do is alienate the loyal users of F&R who have been waiting so long for an update.
it's hard not to be tempted away to work on new programs..

i'll tell you what, my plan was to add some serious new features to F&R, and that's been hanging me up a bit..
but.. let me suspend the new cheat sheeter app for a couple days and try to work on F&R and the review this week, as of now.

hopefully you can help me test it in the next few days as i imagine it will require some real testing to figure out some of this stuff.
the losing foreground focus problem i struggled with originally, but lately i had to solve the program for another app in a different way, so let me see if i can use that technique in F&R.

i've probably forgotten some of the issues we've talked about.
i'll look back over this thread - kfitting if you feel like giving me a summary of bugs and what priority you would put fixing them in, i will follow your pirority list exactly.

let's not add new substantial features yet (like dir search and what i really want to add, logical or feature for multiple keywords), but concentrate on tweaking F&R to fix these bugs.

hopefully we can get them fixed in next couple days, ok :)
you waited long enough.

Not a problem.  I just dont want to be that whiner on the forum going "You arent making your software the way I want it fast enough!"  So please let me know if I get annoying!  However, I do think that FindRun is an excellant program and though i have thought about going back to other software, it's only for a split second because no other app does what FindRun does... especially as cleanly!  Give me a few hours (I have some other things I want to get done here at home) and I'll reply in this thread with some of the major "bugs" I've found.  I dont have a problem with not adding new things... that would be great, but also much more time consuming.  Besides it is better to fix what is here rather than create new goodies that still dont work quite right!  So... I'll be back.


its def. my fault - i have been meaning to update F&R for months, i just keep putting it off.

here are the bugs ive found looking through the posts:

when unchecking "start auto with window", its checked again on restart.
executing with Short File Names causes opera confusion (always use long?)
not remembering window location?
browse button when adding folders/files
ability to launch apps into background (minimized?)
remove duplicates isnt working 100% (lnk files not removed?)
save and load dif config files doesnt work right.
loses window focus sometimes, break key no longer works when this happens.

as i understand it, the top priority bugfixes from your standpoint are the focus issue and the duplicates.
duplicates shouldnt be hard to solve once i understand what causes it.
focus may be painful to try to fix but i'm going to try.

i think im just going to remove the ability to save different config file names - i think it just adds confusion and is not helpful.

can you explain to me the focus issue one last time so i can really get a handle on the behavior?

also, maybe you can describe again an example of the duplicates it finds, and see if you detect any difference, like difference in uppercase/lowercase..


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