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help.... need a tool/utility to auto terminate a process

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:) zeemar
Nope, i did process killer. But skrommel did a quite useful app that i only remember existed after making processkiller.
You can get the new version from:
.exe version
.ahk version

The new version accepts more than one process name. You can input it like this:
on the inputbox: processone.exe,processtwo.exe,processthree.exe
by running with parameters: processkiller.exe processone.exe processtwo.exe processthree.exe

This last version had a bug (sorry!) and the "pass by parameter" mode wasn't working correctly. I've fixed it, though.
Please redownload:
.exe version
.ahk version

I want to just KILL the process
-zeemar (April 27, 2006, 10:39 AM)
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There's no such thing as "just killing" something ;)

Is there any way, i can use the ProcessKiller for morethan one process. Because in my system there are 4 EXEs which are not needed to run but are always running. I cannot/shouldnot uninstall them.
-zeemar (April 27, 2006, 12:08 PM)
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Did you try to prevent them from being executed at startup with a tool like Autoruns? is very helpful if you use it carefully (don't know how experienced you are).

Thanks jpaigva, i will try this new version of ProcessKiller.

To brotherS,

I do have AutoRuns on my system and i don't have these processes in the AutoRuns list. But periodically these processes kick-off


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