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help.... need a tool/utility to auto terminate a process

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Because in my system there are 4 EXEs which are not needed to run but are always running. I cannot/shouldnot uninstall them.-zeemar (April 27, 2006, 12:08 PM)
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you seem to have a spyware problem. are those processes can't be uninstalled because they keep installing themselves or they shouldn't be uninstalled because the pc is not yours or something like that? imo, it's better to attack the root cause rather than patching up.

agree with lanux128, what are the name of these processes?

Actually those processes are not spyware. They are Antivirus related software and my company installed those on my system and I should always have them. Even if i disable the services, they are restarted by the network Admin.

I wanted to kill them because they eat up all the memory and CPU while actively running.

On the other hand there is one other process from Real player installation which adds it self to the Auto start items.

Finally, jpaigva, i was not able to kill these processes using your ProcessKiller. Looks like the processkiller finds them but when it tries to kill them the CPU usage shows 100% and neither processkiller nor the antivirus process go away.


Zeemar: but did the first version work?


A pure process killer that you can use from a batch file once the source compiled as a standalone executable :)

--- ---#Option Explicit

#DllDeclare Kernel32( "CloseHandle", "OpenProcess", "TerminateProcess" )
#DllDeclare User32( "FindWindow", "GetWindowThreadProcessId" )

Print Kill( "Notepad", Null )
Print Kill( "XLMAIN", Null )

Function Kill( byVal szClass, byval szCaption ) As Integer
Dim %pid = 0, %hWnd = 0, %hProc = 0, %PROCESS_TERMINATE = 1
    hwnd = FindWindow( szClass, szCaption )
    If hwnd = 0 Then Return False
    GetWindowThreadProcessId( hWnd, @pid )
    If pid = 0 Then Return False
    hProc = OpenProcess( PROCESS_TERMINATE, False, pid )
    If hProc Then
        TerminateProcess( hProc, 0 )
        CloseHandle( hProc )
        Return True
    End If
    Return False
End Function


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