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I could use some help from someone who has experience with commandline conversion of video files and hosting video on the web..

Here's what I'd like to do.. I have added support in ESR for running commandline tools on the current recorded video file.  What I'd like to ultimately do is bundle in a free commandline tool for converting recorded video files to formats suitable for hosting on the web.

I originally thought this was going to be straightforward using ffmpeg, but I'm having no luck at all, and I don't understand enough about this stuff to know what I'm doing wrong.

Ideally I'd like to be able to record files from the program using non-standard AVI codecs like this lossless one or in ASF format, and then be able to invoke the commandline tool to convert them to standard SWF files or other formats that could be easily uploaded to the web or emailed, etc., without requiring the recipient to have that non-standard codec installed.

I uploaded two sample short videos so anyone who wants to experiment with conversion can do so without needing to play with ESR itself:

* - ASF WMV9 format (windows media encoder codecs here
* (REQUIRES codec here
So to summarize:

I'm looking for help in finding and testing and finding the right settings for a FREE commandline tool that can convert these two files to something suitable for generic sharing on the web without user needing any special codecs.

v1.06.01 - November 11, 2012
[Improvement] You can now set an option on Capture tab that will let you move the region window during capture.

v1.05.01 - November 11, 2012
[Improvement] Will now remember your last chosen audio device+mode, and restore it even if it is plugged in after program starts.
[Improvement] More tweak options for advanced users.
[Improvement] You can now save and load settings into named files.

It looks like, from what i read, the ffmpeg solution for handling these codec encoded files is going to be to use avisynth..

Some of these are free and I downloaded a lot of them.
Handbrake is recommended, mostly.
To incorporate conversion into ESR may not be in one of these websites.
Just posting these, to give options for now.

I just figured out how to use AviSynth with FFMpeg, and it seems to be able to convert the proprietary codecs now -- the trick seems to be that you use AviSynth to parse the video files and provide them to FFMpeg..

So i *think* I should now be in a position to add a feature to ESR that will let you ask the program to prepare the convert the video file to a format for easy uploading to web for sharing, without worrying about what codec you recorded it with, and hopefully with some sample html code for embedding the video on a page.


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