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some more i found:

mouser, you might love BB Flashback then. I really wanted to buy Macromedia when I spent time looking for these, but after a week of testing, found that it skipped on as many as half of the demos I recorded — and I have 4Gb of RAM on my system! With BB Flashback, one can import as well as capture any sound being played on one's system during recording. I even made a video of a music video just to see how far it would go! Best of all, though, you can record your movements, and then go back and record and edit your audio track until it's exactly how you want it. I could go on, but for the price, it's really, really good.

I've used it twice in support situations by linking to a html/flash file I uploaded, and got my problems fixed in no time when a tech could see exactly how their app was behaving in a given situation. I thought of putting a number of demo videos of some of the apps on my site instead of just screenshots, but it would eat up far too much bandwidth. One other useful application of this type of software is between languages. I worked with an Austrian author who spoke almost no English, but was able to point out several flaws in one menu's features and two dialogs that was clear from the video without translating 400 words or more for describing my actions.

alex sent me a bug report in screenshot captor by making a wink movie demonstrating the problem.
really helped immensely.. i wonder if this might not be the future of bug reports..
let's be sure to talk about this in the review.

Just a corrective note. You mention: "Camtasia is unlike the other ScreenCasting tools in this review, because it produces pure movie files using video formats that are meant to be played back in a standard movie player like windows media player."

BB Flashback, too, exports to AVI and WMV (exe, PowerPoint, and Flash).

yes you're right, in fact almost all of these tools can optionally produce pure traditional video files.
i was really trying to indicate that the primary output of camtasia is a video file, wheras the other tools are really meant for flash output primarily.

camtasia really needs to be looked at closely by me, i was surprised at the editing controls and annotation support that i hadn't expected.


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