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Next Review Topic - Best Demo Movie apps - 5/30 + 6/6

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i'm really liking the idea of this new 2 week review process.
especially since ive been busy coding like mad the last 3 weeks  (though it seems no one has any use for my latest :( )

anyway i would like to do the next review on Demo Movie Making programs.
(ie robodemo, macromedia captivate, turbodemo, bb flashback, qarbon viewletbuilder, wink, etc.

so, according to the plan we discussed, this monday i will post a skeleton review, and try to list all of the apps i can find that are up for contention for the award.  please start posting now on this thread your thoughts and any other apps you think should be considered.

and especially post features that you think are important.

then we will have a week to debate which is best and talk about important features, etc.
i'm really looking forward to having that week to discuss the various merits of the different apps.

i'll start out with a feature not found in all programs that i like:
ability to record audio.

and a feature that is important to me that many programs do not handle all that well, proper screen capture synchronized to mouse: often i find that for example if you click a menu and then select an item on it, when you watch the movie the menu doesnt appear until you make the second click, which can be quite confusing.

another feature of important: size of result.

I would add Camtasia to the list.

yeah, Camtasia.

i've found it works better for me when i encode direct to xvid at a few fps instead of using the techsmith codec. anyone reviewing it might like to try the same if they find techsmith not too good.

The biggest problem with the Techsmith codec has always been making sure that people install it first. Lots of people seem to get very nervous when you ask them to install a codec.

good point markan. a codec or compression format is not very useful if other people can't decode it.

i think video programs like camtasia definitely need to be talked about in the review, but this review will probably focus mainly on programs specifically designed to create high-resolution low-bandwidth screen demo movies, in a format like flash, as opposed to full-video solutions (which are either high-bandwidth or lo-res).

these two approaches are very different.  it will be useful to talk about both, but my intention is to focus on the former, which is more suitable for demoing software (imho).


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