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Access all your bookmarklets at once

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Blummy is a bookmarklet that unifies all your bookmarklets (and other JavaScripts, like pageRank for example) in a single bookmarklet -- launch it and you get a central control panel to all of them, remotely hosted for universal access and highly configurable.  You can drag and drop "blumlets" from their library of user created items or create your own -- whether just a quick search or a full blown bookmarklet.

I'm also glad to report that it works just fine with Opera, for the most part -- occasionally there'll be little cosmetic issues, but usually a reload or relaunch of blummy will fix it.


this is no attachment in your post.
are you referring to this?

I forgot to include a link, but the attachment should be there -- I can see it . . .

I can only view 1,000 of my bookmarks at on time that way.
I have a grand total of 58,000+ bookmarks.
Growing more each day.

this might be useful for the growing list of bookmarklet type thingies that skrommel has written (LiPs, etc)..


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