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Is it still functional?

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man, google just can't stop tinkering with their programs..

The new version of Boomerang worked the first 5 times I used it, but now there are a lot of errors.  I follow the exact same steps I successfully followed the first 5 times, but now no text appears in the "Translated Text" box, and "Add to and edit favorites" creates a text file that is similarly truncated--shows only the original. It looks like Google translator may have changed their program again. Can you check this?  I would really like to use this program!  Thanks.

dont use it for 10 minutes or so and then try again.. see if google might be actually blocking you after using it too much in a short period.  if you have unchecked the option to pause between calls, check that box.

Thanks, Mouser.  These tests were performed over several days, with far more than 10 mins between attempts, and many restarts on all 3 PC's where we were trying out Boomerang.  So if 10 mins is the relevant increment, it doesn't seem as if google is blocking us.  I will check "pause between calls" and see if that works.  FYI, another kind of error: even when the "debug" window and the "save file to favorites" show some truncated translation activity, *no* text whatsoever appears in the "Translated text" box.  Strange hu?  Also, at some points, when say 3 languages have been checked, a translation is returned but only for the first of the languages.  This is when the "show all steps" option is checked, and of course in the past this has shown all the steps the program travels in executing its multiple translations.  Thanks again.

Hi again.  Ok, checking "pause between calls" didn't fix the problem.  For my short sentence, I tried groups of 3 and 5 languages, with "show each step" checked.  In each case, boomerang returns 3 or 5 identical versions of the original, respectively.  I know this is an error from having used google trans many times via Boomerang and on the google site.  No translation is ever identical to the original, esp. in a case like Eng-Kor-Eng, so it seems like something is amiss.  Hope this further info helps...Thanks again.


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