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Is it still functional?

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Update.  Today so far everything works perfectly.  We are following your suggestions about keeping "Pause between" selected and continuing to wait 10 mins between submissions.  Will keep you posted.  Thanks for your help.  --Alex

you shouldnt have to wait 10 minutes between submissions, i was just trying to imagine a worst case scenario where you needed to give google time to unblock you, if that was indeed what was happening.

i think with the pause you should be able to use it as often as you can generate requests.  but i have noticed that if i take off the pause i start to get blocked.  so that pause is important if you plan on using it regularly.

email me with sample text if you still think there are still issues about translations not being decoded properly.

Ok, we will try it without waiting 10 minutes between passes.  It is really helpful to know that enabling "Pause Between Passes" can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful use of the program (if that's what's going on).  Maybe you can emphasize the benefits of checking this box in future versions.  In the meantime, we are really enjoying using the program and exploring the results.  It's a great idea for a program.  I have not forgotten to donate and will be sending a donation at the end of this month when I get a paycheck.  Thanks


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