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DONE: Batch adjust shortcut targets

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What RegEx are you using?

Screenshot of the interface, (for the RegEx), together with the Test window would be good also.

BSM shows Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable. for me
i'm trying to change Disk letter of all of the shortcuts paths in the start menu.
i tried: G:\\(.*) -> D:\\\1 , G:(.*) -> D:\1 , $G(.*) -> D\1 , "G(.*) -> "D\1
all give me that error with or without test&recurse checkboxes


Like you can see on the screenshot, I was able to change the path but not the name.
What I'm I doing wrong?

Thanks again.

Glad BSM is being kept alive.  It's a much needed addition to our tool set.


nkormanik, if by keeping alive you mean its not working at all  ;D


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