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New Download Page:

See Readme.txt included in the zip for details and revision history.

( Note:  ShapeShift functionality has evolved into the MoveIt utility. )

Shape Shift Improved Undo window detection code.

Shape Shift  and SectionAte  Fixed command line arg bug in both programs.

SectionAte This is similar to Shape Shift. The 2 should not be used together since they use the same Alt Arrow hotkeys. SectionAte has no PopUp Gui window. It's faster and simpler.  Hold down middle mouse button on a window frame that is resizeable(in other words, not a dialog, toolbar, desktop, rocketdock, start menu etc..) and hit one of the keys to size and move the active window.  About Dialog has a list of keys. If the active window does not have resizeable border attribute, nothing will happen. No Ding will be played for an error.  This is sort of like Shape Shift for the power user who remembers keys and thinks a Gui gets in the way and slows things down.

The one that does more than one thing is 'g' key.  g is for Grid. The location of the window origin determines which section of the grid the window will snap to. SectionAte is slightly different than Shape Shift. It only takes a few seconds the try it out and see what reactions you get. Also I didn't bother with an Undo function since the test for a resizeable border seems to screen out stuff like resizing Rocketdock or the taskbar.

Both programs will peacefully coexist with TicClick. If you wish to make a certain shape then zap it to another part of the screen TicClick may be useful there. Although the Alt Arrow functions snug the window to the edge of the work area. You may drag with the mouse until close to an edge then hit Alt Arrow to put it flush.

SectionAte uses the same margin=n command line arg. Use 0 for n to get rid of the margin altogether.  Anyway, SectionAte is so simple the About Box should really be all you need. There's not even a Readme.txt in the zip.

The download page for both programs is the same. See first post for link.

Enjoy. :)

Shape Shift[/b] is a Tray Hotkey to change the shape and size of the active window. You may also use it to move the active window in one dimension without it going out of the work area.-MilesAhead (May 20, 2012, 04:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

Neat utility, MilesAhead.   :Thmbsup:

Thanks skwire. I'm investigating how to backtrack the size changes. I have to play around with AHK_L arrays/objects to get the hang of them.  Once I know how they work I can decide how to implement an undo redo like an editor.... maybe. :)


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