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MoveIt  Fixed a regression introduced by "one hand" mode that broke Control drag and Alt drag of window.  All three drag methods should work correctly now.  As usual, the download link is in the first post.

MoveIt  Now "One Hand" mode will set the window width and/or height to 2/3 of the desktop work area if currently less than that.  This is only applied if the window is resizable and set to a "Tic Tac Toe" position via the One Hand mode.  If you wish to move the window without resizing use one of the other methods such and holding middle mouse button on the caption bar while pressing 1-9.

I made this change because it is such a pain to use two hands while eating and playing on the computer.  I hate having to put my cinnamon roll down to use MoveIt.  The One Hand mode helped but moving a small window required using two hands if I wanted to make the window larger at the same time.  A lazy man's feature.  :)

The latest version has been uploaded.  Link in first post.

Edit:  I also changed the Snap Window to Quadrant to only use the Left Alt key.  This can avoid conflict with utilities such as Alt Drag.  Alt Drag can be set to only use the Right Alt key.

MoveIt  Now pressing Alt Winkey Arrow moves the active window all the way to the edge of the work area.  This makes it much simpler to get the window against the edge or flush into a corner of the screen using only the keyboard.

Control Winkey Arrow still works as before.

MoveIt  Added Double Middle Mouse Click.  The window is centered and if it is resizable, then the window width or height will be sized to 5/6ths of the work area size in that dimension, but only if the current size in that dimension is less than 5/6ths.  See revisions section in Readme.txt.

You can do interesting sizing things in a few clicks.  Say you want the window centered with height 5/6 of the work area but the width nearly the entire width of the screen.

Drag the width wide with the mouse, then double middle click.  Saves a bit of futzing around with positioning after resizing etc..

I only documented this in the Readme.txt because there are too many hotkey combos to put in the About Box.  If you have other programs that use a middle click I would keep the previous version in reserve in case this conflicts.  However if the other program uses a single middle click you may be OK.  Just try it and see.

Edit:  You can double middle click anywhere in the window.  Not just the caption bar.  So it can act as a quick way to center a window that has its caption bar off screen.

As usual the download link is in the first post of this thread.


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