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FreeFileSync - automated backup - Mini-Review

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EDIT 2014-12-03 0805hrs: Latest version update is FreeFileSync v6.12.
Still an excellent backup syncing tool.

Interesting post at December 2014, “Staff Pick” Project of the Month – FreeFileSync (not copied here).

EDIT 2015-05-21 1242hrs: Update re latest version (v7.0) + Synchronisation Options, where a separate section entitled Details of Synchronisation Options has been added at the end of the opening post.

Found this promising bit at:

SF: What is the next big thing for FreeFileSync?

Zenju: The most-requested feature currently is synchronization with smart phones. This is top priority and will be in one of the future versions of FreeFileSync. However. I can’t make any promises as to when it will be available.

--- End quote ---

Perhaps also of interest:

SF: What is the software development philosophy for FreeFileSync?

Zenju: FreeFileSync takes a drastic approach concerning software development. If something is not right, be it software design or source code, it is fixed, no matter how small or insignificant the problem seems. This seems like a lot of work for tiny problems but it pays off significantly when applied consistently. The complete code base, not only of FreeFileSync but all of my software projects, always matches the current level of my expertise. When I learn something new, I apply and update everything. As my understanding of both technical and human interface problems deepens, the number of things to fix decreases over time and my time investment shrinks. Strategically, this is an advantage because working on the FreeFileSync code base is always fun without this historic baggage.

The advantages of constant code refactoring are well known. For example, the C++11 standard had a profound impact on the code base. As soon as the common set of feature supported by compilers on Windows, OS X, and Linux allowed it, I migrated the FreeFileSync code gradually to using the most recent and improved ways of programming. For me, software development is taken literally and whenever there is something that should be done differently, I believe is never too late to do it now.

--- End quote ---

From the 7.1 Changelog (bottom of

Accept Explorer drag and drop from MTP devices
Support showing MTP files with Explorer
Support opening MTP files with default application
Preselect active MTP folder in folder picker dialog

--- End quote ---

From the "Which features make FreeFileSync unique?" section of the FAQ:

Synchronize MTP devices (Android, iPhone, tablet, digital camera)

--- End quote ---

Have yet to try though :)

Should this thread be updated? Newest version is 8.5!

Is FreeFileSync adware or donationware?  8)

New:    Donate and >get the FreeFileSync installer< without advertisements as a thank-you
including future FreeFileSync updates!
--- End quote ---

Even though I never have tested the program, I made a minor donation ($5), and got this message:

Download FreeFileSync
As a token of appreciation for your donation, please find a version of the FreeFileSync Windows installer without any advertisements below.

FreeFileSync - automated backup - Mini-Review

Download FreeFileSync 8.5 Windows Setup [Donation Edition]
[Your 5.00 USD donation entitles you to free updates via this link until October 31st, 2016]
--- End quote ---

Of course the question now is if I have any "free updates" AFTER the end of October? (>"free updates via this link until October 31st, 2016"<)
 :-\  :tellme:


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