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FreeFileSync - automated backup - Mini-Review

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Latest version update is FreeFileSync v5.23.
Still an excellent backup syncing tool.

Latest version update is FreeFileSync v6.3.
I have made a minor update to the opening post review above.
I have also posted a reference and a link to this review in the user reviews section at - it is awaiting moderation.
Still an excellent backup/syncing tool.
When I installed v6.3, the OpenCandy is still there by default in the "Express" install, so make sure you deselect it or select the "Customised" install if you don't want it. The OC method seems annoyingly sneaky.

Installed on Windows 8 laptop yesterday - kept getting an error:

FreeFileSync - An exception occurred
Cannot open file "GlobalSettings.xml".

Error Code 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (CreateFile)

I created an empty xml file with that name in the programme folder & copied into a 'Bin' subfolder there. It still didnt work so I gave up - today it's working though (didnt reboot - just hibernated, so not sure what resolved it).


Current version has no 'extras' selected - user has to make a choice which seems fair enough.

Just did a DuckGo search on that error:
 One relevant hit:

2 days ago

Things had been working for me until I upgraded to 6.3 but now FFS just does not start. It displays a dialog with the aforementioned message with the information: "Error Code 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (CreateFile)"

Details: Windows 7 64bit, and nope, FreeFileSync isn't running already that I can see.

Couple of questions - firstly, anyone know straight off what might have happened :) ?
If not - I found the file in AppData/Roaming and ran unlocker against it - it could find nothing using it.

Any help appreciated, really liked this tool.

EDIT: I just tried uninstalling and installing a portable version. Same issue but now I have no idea where the GlobalSettings.xml file might be to have a look at it. I can't see it anywhere.

--- End quote ---

^Missed that one.

Oddly, what happens here is that it starts and works fine if I start it using the shortcut, but gives an error if the exe is started 'directly'.

FWIW, neither of the xml files I created have been used.


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