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Screenshot Captor "best in class" on FreewareGenius

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I echo Samer's findings.  Screenshot Captor is the best screenshot software out there.  Thanks Mouser (and congratulations for the well-deserved praise).

I scrolled down to the comments on the article and saw that mouser has already commented.  Speedy  ;D

Thank you for the post and the kind words jaden.  It means a lot to me to hear people like the software and like DC.

Congratulations on the Number One listing, mouser!  :up:

This program is good as Irfan View and a little better for me, i am speaking for myself, and although its free i really like this and i am going to replace my Irfanview with this program, thanks Mouser, can't believe this Forum has quite good coders.

Is their any option to autosave the screenshot taken to be placed in the Desktop, i downloaded the portable version and its default location seems to be.c:\ScreenshotCaptorPortable\Screenshots\
Is their any way i can change that to Desktop, after each  snapshot it will ask for where you want to place the file to be saved, that is which i changed it with the feature After Capture :Hide the Main Form.
But it will save in c:\ScreenshotCaptorPortable\Screenshots\   : is their any way i can change that to Desktop.

Great program.


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