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Screenshot Captor "best in class" on FreewareGenius

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Суперская программа! Спасибо!  :Thmbsup:

Суперская программа! Спасибо!  :Thmbsup:
-NeSezon (July 18, 2013, 05:27 AM)
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Google translated from Russian to English: Super-duper program! Thank you!
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I consider myself something of an expert on screenshot software. For years screenshots have been a staple of my work at AfterDawn. My philosophy for writing guides is to come up with images that explain a process in full. The text is just there to flesh out the details.

IMO there is only 1 program even in the same class with Screenshot Captor and that's SnapDraw. The 2 programs use basically the same object compositing approach. In fact they share most of the same core features but SnapDraw is oriented almost entirely toward doing things 1 way and Screenshot Captor is designed to customize for whatever workflow you want. It also has more and better actual image processing.

I do miss the separate preview tab from SnapDraw and also its option to composite a new capture on top of an already open one. There are also some cool resize and crop options which are cool in theory but I usually ended up fine tuning everything via text box anyway so no big deal. SnapDraw also has an Autonumber feature for its version of Arrows (Callouts) that was handy for me because I'm scatterbrained but not important as long as I can easily go back and change things manually.

The tldr version is that SnapDraw is best for doing things the SnapDraw way and Screenshot Captor is the best for everything else. Or to borrow an analogy a programmer I worked with used to compare VB and Delphi, SnapDraw makes the easy things easier. Screenshot Captor makes the hard things easier.
Only few words for Mouser's Screenshot Captor: the best one!

Congrats Mouser!


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