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thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks  8) !

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np - i have tryed them all. Am a big executor and Farr user. I have to say i really like the look and feel of this though. Was always jealous of the mac users and quicksilver! Qatapult looks great.

I could add raw text support but I fear that I'll change the format to support the more flexible rule description as it will give the ability to create 3 pane commands (like [text, appendto, file] , etc... ). That would break all configurations done there. I have to think about this a bit before moving on.

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I really think that this would be sweet. In Executor and Farr the ability to pass arguments to a program makes it uber versatile. I have written a ton of very small simple autohotkey complied scripts that do things like change text to UPPERCASE, TitleCase, spellchecking with aspell, move windows, change the volume etc. They all take arguments and it would be cool to be able to use them with qatapult. Also popular apps like everything, locate, foobar, nircmd, googlecl all can be controlled via arguments.

I love the idea of 3 pane command. [current selection, copy file to , destination] [current selection, upload to , youtube] [raw text, post to , facebook]

I think i just wet myself. Sorry - no pressure hehe.

Custom icon on file verb works. Try adding an icon with the same name as your text. This may not last forever, but this works for the moment.

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Fricking sweet. Im already looking for PNG's.

I'll add the hwnd soon. There is a lot of potential for extensions there.

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cannot wait. I'm no coder but know enough to knock out very simple stuff. Happy for you to use anything i get working.

Yes, the icons looks bad because of Windows XP. The support for large icon began with vista, although I might add a way to override the default icons with your own. That way you could have good looking icons for your favorites apps and it would allows for themes too.

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meh. You can only work with what you got. Not a big deal. I guess you could add a column to the startmenu.db and make us winxp uses edit that. After all we deserve the pain and if you make it too easy for us we will be stuck on it for ever.  I'm long overdue upgrading to win 7 as it is so dont worry too much about it. 

opps - also i nearly forgot. I do notice that the text goes a little funny from time to time and starts showing vertically.

Not sure if want to see.

Personally it doesn't bother me. Just FYI.


I do notice that the text goes a little funny from time to time and starts showing vertically.
-pigeonlips (January 30, 2012, 05:39 PM)
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I have also seen similar behavior occasionally but I haven't figured out how to reproduce it.

The font I use is arial, and it probably doesn't handle cjk characters. I'll need to give an option to use alternate font so that it works.
-ecaradec (January 30, 2012, 05:08 AM)
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Thanks for the explanation.  

I have my fingers crossed that changing the font will get things working :)

About the command object : this is very nice. I wasn't sure at first. I understand that this mean assigning a keyword on a set of multipanes selection. You can then reinvoke the command later. Do you understand it that way too ?
-ecaradec (January 30, 2012, 05:29 AM)
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IIRC, in QS, the action for invoking a command object was "Run".  I think usage was like:

* Bring up command object in first pane
* Make "Run" as action in second pane
* Invoke


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