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Curt, I just went to the Babylon web site and what I found there was "Last Sale for 2011 - 35% Discount."  Perhaps they'll go back to 50% in 2012?  :)

-just click my link in my previous post, it works okay in 3 of my browsers

You're right, Curt, your link works and carries the same message, except that it says 50%.  Duh.  That seems so typical of Babylon--the left hand often doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  If I had more time now, I'd be tempted to try version 9, though I'm quite happy with version 6 except it doesn't have the ability to define words when I right-click, or whatever it was I used to do.  I'd like to have that capability back, though if Babylon 9 still doesn't work in FF 8.0.1, it surely won't work in later versions.  Thanks very much for letting us all know about the 50% offer.  One of these days, I may give Babylon 9 a try.  I doubt that this is the last we've seen of 50% discounts.


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