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Thanks very much, urlwolf and Shades, for this recommendation.  I've been looking for something to put on my netbook, since my Babylon 6 license is only for my desktop.  (Indeed, as I was in the process of transferring Babylon to my new desktop, I got a message from Babylon claiming I was using it on too many computers.  I explained to them that I was merely transferring it to a new computer, and they gave me a new license # and told me the old one would expire in a week.  This seems fair enough, and it sure beats the nasty response they made to urlwolf!)

Shades, is there some reason you use Lingoes only in off-line mode?   

If you must know...that particular PC is not connected to any network...and I want to keep it that way.
As I use the PC to write to my Paraguayan girlfriend, it forces me to think more about what I say and not take the easy way out by writing in English and use Lingoes (that in turn can use Google or other web-based translation service) to do the complete translation for me.

My girlfriend only speaks Spanish (Latin-American) and level of Spanish is not that high I'm afraid to admit. Most of my days are spent talking/writing in English, Dutch and that is not helping my studies of Spanish. Guarani I am not even going to try: that is a really "hellish" language to learn (which is spoken only in Paraguay, it is a very 'rich' language though and I understand from the Paraguayans here that the language is excellent for telling jokes).

Ah well lets expand this post with a travel tip for the time you might end up in the 'campo' from Paraguay. Never say: ejapiro, because people cannot translate its meaning even when they speak Spanish fluently, but it is highly offensive.

Hi, Shades.  Thanks for your response.  I wondered whether perhaps you distrusted Lingoes, but I see that's clearly not the case.  I've now downloaded and installed it on my desktop to try it out, and I think I will go ahead and put it on my netbook.  It's not as good as Babylon Pro, but with the Vicon Spanish-English and English-Spanish dictionaries, it's better than I'd expected.  And the price is certainly right.  :)

Muchas gracias otra vez.

Lingoes is fine :-) However, it is worrying that nothing regarding Lingoes has been updated since 2010. It was updated for Firefox 3, and then we heard no more.

Both the Babylon site and the program have been updated. However, Babylon 9 still doesn't work with Firefox (8.01). My reason for posting is that Babylon right now is offering a 50% discount (and why wouldn't they), but you better first TEST IT![TType%3A260910_oldcnd][dw%3A1][organic_word%3Awaterpas][textlink%3Agkn19880]&vid=1272619788-3447543158&lang=1&template_id=6

-wow, that is a long address! Does it even work?  :tellme:


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