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Thanks, with questions...

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Hi. first of all, good idea and good program.
On the other hand, I also have problems with running shortcuts. They do not start, not matter what i do. If  i search for an *.exe file then it will start, otherwise no...
I have winxp pro sp2.

a quick suggestion:
- possibility to control the degrees of transparency of the form.


someone had this exact problem with launching shortcuts - must be a bug in the program.
kinda embaressing since launching shortcuts is the main purpose of this program!

i just wonder why its working fine on some machines, and other seem to have it not work at all when launching shortcuts..

well i will try to solve this bug this week.

maybe if one or two of you who are suffering fromt his problem can check this section occasionally this week you can help me beta test it?

we'll get it solved this week for sure - any problem like this which is consistently occuring is easy to fix.

transparency.. hadnt thought of it but its not hard to add.
would you want it to always run at a given level of transparency, or change levels at certain times?

i'll try to add an option for it this week, for adjustable transparency.

thanks for the fast answer. I will be glad to test the beta version.

I likewise wouldnt mind beta testing.  Seems like things are running too smoothly if there isnt a beta program running loose somewhere on my system!

Also, I noticed that the other user experiencing this problem is running XP SP2... is there something in this that gives probems?   I'll have to try at work on my Win2K machine to see if I can duplicate this problem. 

One more thing:  I notice that when I hit Pause/Break and the program comes up in detailed mode the column headings are not in sight, there is just a blank gray line.  Once I type the first character or interact with the program somehow, the columns heading come up.  This is not a usability issue since the program works fine, but just a consistency thing!



After testing with Win2K at work I've discovered that most of the problems I was having on XPSP2 are not a problem!  Links and shortcuts work fine, and excel files open ok.  I have still noticed the column headings problem I mentioned above and, while the excel files do open, FindRun does stay on top until after the file loads.  Neither of these are very big problems, just quirks.  Thanks, and have fun,



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