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Thanks, with questions...

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Great program!  Obviously well thought out and with some great features.  A few questions, however:

- When using the tray dll I press pause/break and the search window comes up but I have to either alt-tab or click on it before I am able to type.  Is this normal, or am I doing something stupid?

- At work I was noticing that FindRun has problems with opening multiple excel files.  I'm assuming this is because the new Excel window does not always take focus (hence FindRun just sits in the forground and must be closed manually

- On that note, is there a way to make FindRun close at the beginning of the launch process rather than once the target application becomes active?

- Is there an easy way to be able to change the columns for the detailed view?  (Just me being a picky idiot ;)  )

- Why does FindRun seem unable to open shortcuts and links correctly.  This I feel is just me being stupid because from the documentation it seems that opening these files is a feature.  Everytime I try to run a link or shortcut however, it FindRun closes and nothing happens.  It never ran the link. What am I doing wrong here?

I use WinXP SP2 at home and Win2000 Professional at work (dont know the service pack but I assume it's the latest).  Thanks for the program, even with the above quirks (on my machine at least!) it is still quite a useful little program.  Thanks again,


there's something definately not right - the functions you're having problems with work fine on my machine (as i'm sure they do on the majority of users). i've not got sp2 installed - can't see this being the problem though.

have you got other 'shortcut' or quick key programs running in the background - i've had conflicts with these sort of programs before - not with 'find and run robot' though.

i'm no expert on any of this but i'm sure mouser will be able to help much more than this.

just thought i would let you know that it's not operating correctly on your system. what you've described sounds like a right pain.

you definitely should not have to hit alt-tab to switch to it after it activates.  does this always happen? what application grabs focus from it?  or does the focus stay with the application you were using when you hit break.

maybe when you hit break you are in an app that is stealing back focus? does this behavior happen no matter what app you are using?
what os does it happen in?

find&run has had tons of testing on my single pc, but not much testing out in the real world, so there could be issues liek this that need addressing  - i will fix it, we just have to find a way for me to see the problems.

- On that note, is there a way to make FindRun close at the beginning of the launch process rather than once the target application becomes active?
--- End quote ---

yes this is what it should do - i will check the code to make sure i'm not doing something stupid.  but yes it should exit immediately after telling the file to open.

i'm not sure why its having trouble with shortcuts.. can you be a little more specific about what it does?
all of these problems are on a win2k machine?  if so i will try some extra tests on a win2k machine and see what i see, though really it shouldnt be any dif than winxp.

tell me what you would like wrt columns - there are various options in the config to change what is displayed, from just the file/shortcut name to a bunch of columns.  if you have some dif requests let me know.

i'm going to try to do some updates next week of my apps so its a good time for requests :)

Updates?  Updates are fun! 

Well, I rebooted (software, especially M$ products seem to like machines to reboot) and it cleared up the losing focus problem... for now!  I was wondering if, since the only "weird" thing I had done to break it was put my notebook to sleep, if this could have something to do with it.  Dont quite see why this would make a difference, but hey, who knows.  However, when it was a problem, the focus issue did not seem to matter which application I was in at the time. 

I have the excel weirdness on Win2K and WinXP.  The first file opens no problem but if the second excel file opens beneath the first one, FindRun just stays open and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to get it away.  FindRun also stays open if I launch an Excel file with macros in it because of the "Warning Software can contain virus'" dialog, after I enable the macros, and the file comes up, FindRun goes away.  That's why I was asking if it could minimize as soon as the file begins to open. 

Choosing columns... what I mean here is that you could right-click on the column headings and choose which columns you want to see.  For example, I dont really care to see the Score column but I like detailed view because it tells me if it's an exe, lnk, etc (due to the above mentioned problem with lnk and shortcuts).  Not a big deal and if it doesnt get implemented it wont be the end of the world, but it would be kind of nice.

As far as the whole lnk and shortcuts issue, there really is not a whole lot I can tell you.  They just dont open.  If I press a number that corresponds to a lnk file, FindRun goes away and nothing happens.  I tried looking at the lnk files themselves to see if they point to the wrong place but they dont.  This happens on my XP machine.  Havent tried at work... something to do Monday i guess. 

And, while I'm requesting away and making myself a pain, i was wondering if you could add hotkey functionality.  FindRun is great dont get me wrong, but there are times when pressing Win+C to bring up a program is simpler than hitting pause/break and typing a few characters.  I had been using ShellEnhancer for this functionality but it has so much other bloat to it that I'm looking for a way to get rid of it.  Find Run has 99.9% of everything I've been looking for except for hotkeys.  I had about 5 hotkeys set up to different programs that I used all the time.  FinRun is great because it allows access to all programs everywhere but for those that are used a lot it would be nice to bypass the main dialog.

But, as with all requests feel free to not do mine!!  Great program anyway!  Coding isnt easy so thanks for the work you've put into the program,


the more feature requests the better - just to gather ideas.

letting user choose options might not be a bad idea - i have to re-examine the code again to see what's easiest; but if nothing else i can add the option for the display you want.

the whole original purpose of f&r was to launch shortcut (link) files :)
thats the only way i use it, to launch shortcuts from start menu, so the fact that it doesnt work on your shortcuts at all is kind of distressing ;)

ill look more specifically at the shortcut launching code again next week and i will check both the behavior with regard to not closing immediately, and the beheavior wrt launching shortcuts, maybe ill find something for us to try out.  meanwhile let me know if you figure out any more clues.

i think adding hotkeys would be a reasonable thing to add, considering that f&r has to be sitting waiting for keypresses anyway - so it might as well be checking against some user defined hotkeys.  as usual though the trouble usually comes in making a nice user interface for the user to specify options, etc.  but i may give it a try since i think it would be a nice thing to add.

keep the suggestions coming!  its nice to hear other people's ideas for what areas deserve further work.


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