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So you want to write a Mini-Review about something? Great! :Thmbsup:

Please make sure to add images to your post! Images allow other users to quickly grasp "what it's all about" (see example: ).

You don't always need to create your own screenshots (but of course DC's own Screenshot Captor is always there for you), often you'll find screenshots online that you could simply link here by using the img tags (click the "Insert image" button that you see above every post).

Still having questions? Feel free to ask!

Thanks :)

remember you can attach images to your post by click the "additional options" link at the bottom left while you are making a post, and for info on how to put images anywhere you want in your post see

Also be sure to use the "Mini-Review" template from the preset text drop down box on the new post form - it will create a skeleton of a mini review for you so you just have to fill in the details.

I don't see the preset dropdown box from the new post I am currently using ! See picture below (I am not even sure how this image appeared ...).

Here's a screenshot of what you should when you create a new topic and choose the mini-review template from the preset text drop-down:

note: make sure you have javascript enabled - i think it's used to fill the message text.


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