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NANY 2012 - Pledge & Final Release: Stick A Note

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Text in the image below is in a spoiler below the image:

SpoilerI have used Stick-A-Note for a long time, and it comes in handy when one wishes to create a note attached to a particular, consistently-named window, usually in an application, and that note then can be popped-up by Stick-A-Note each time one opens that particular window.

I was puzzling over how one might easily use the Windows system to create file notes, - to include (say) notes about that file, extracted
from a website where one downloaded it from, and the hyperlink (URL) to that website. What seemed to be needed was
something along the lines of the old 4DOS (and others) Descript.ion text files, but I could not see but that a proprietary system, or database, would be necessitated, in order to do this.
Then I realised that, Stick-A-Note already does what I want, but I had not previously perceived this. After some experimentation, I established that this was a potentially enormously useful LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) tool, especially when used in conjunction with CHS, or a similar clipboard manager that collected clip metadata.
  Below is an example of a process which uses Stick-A-Note to create a relatively unique file note in .txt format and which note's contents can be indexed and later located/searched for easily. using WDS (Windows Desktop Search) and
filename search - e.g., using (say) Everything, The relatively unique file note filename is consistently (and automatically) based on:
   (a) The prefix string "SaN_" applied by Stick-A-Note.
   (b) The  name of the file, but using underscores to replace embedded spaces in the filename - and
   (c) the suffix string " Properties" - i.e., with a preceding space.
   (d) The file note being stored in a file with a name comprised of the above prefix-name-suffix, and the extension .txt.

That is, the user does not need to be concerned with manually doing anything to make this a relatively unique .txt filename - Stick-A-Note does it automatically.

Process steps:
   1. Launch Stick-A-Note (this needs to be running/resident for the process to work).
   2. Select any file in the file explorer - e.g., Windows Explorer (though the example below is done using xplorer²).
   3. Cause the file Properties box to appear (can be done by Right-Click --> Properties, or Alt-Enter).
   4. Then invoke Stick-A-Note, to create a sticky note:
      • Select Edit in the bottom LHS of the Stick-A-Note sticky note.
      • Type in - or, for example (say), paste in some notes already in the clipboard)***.
      • Then click on Enter, and the note is created.
   5. The note is created in a .txt file in the relevant Stick-A-Note folder:
      • In the example, the filename is: SaN_F02_fose_v1_3_beta2_7z Properties.txt
   • In the example below, I pasted in a clip from the file's source website, captured using CHS (Clipboard Help & Spell) - which also captured the hyperlink (URL) - and the hyperlink is pasted in as: Copied from: Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) - <>[/NOTES] This source metadata would generally be very important/relevant in a note about a file.

In the example below:
   • I open up the file Properties "window" for a file.
   • I have already created the Stick-A-Note note for that "window", using the above process steps.
   • The note pops up if/when Stick-A-Note is invoked.
   • Clicking on Edit in the note brings up the Stick-A-Note note details pane.
   • The note itself was copied/passed from the website using CHS, with no changes made.
   • Notice the all-important source metadata (URL) added by CHS.

Hats off to @anandcoral for creating Stick-A-Note. I don't know whether he originally envisaged that it might be used in this way.

How could SAN match a wrong note to the window title is what i'm curious about. Restarting the program does not fix that, and SAN is fairly consistent in that it usually picks the same wrong note to display on a particular window
-DyNama (December 30, 2012, 02:51 AM)
--- End quote ---
Looking at the screenshots provided by @DyNama, I would hazard a guess that the answer may lie in a limitation/constraint in SAN such that it ignores - or does not process - text inside square-brackets or round-brackets.
A bit of pragmatic experimentation might be able to confirm whether this is the case.

Thanks IainB,

This bug is reported to me but haven't got enough time to debug it.

I may take up Stick A Note, as I am trying to make enhancements of my apps this year for NANY.



I may take up Stick A Note, as I am trying to make enhancements of my apps this year for NANY.
-anandcoral (December 18, 2017, 11:52 AM)
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I hope you do. I had not been aware of Stick A Note and I look forward to trying it.

I hope you do. I had not been aware of Stick A Note and I look forward to trying it
-cranioscopical (December 18, 2017, 07:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

Well, if you try it out now, then you will probably find that it works just fine, as-is.
I have been using it (current version v2.1.0) since, erm (... goes away to look at file dates ...) about Jan. 2012.
Take a look here: Stick-A-Note + Universal Viewer - Mini-Review
It's a potentially very useful (depends on one's needs) and rock-solid little app.  :Thmbsup:
I am somewhat embarrassed that it took 5 years for the penny to drop as to its potential usfullness as a file note app. (which is what I am additionally using it as, now).    :-[

By the way, in that mini-review, I noticed that the images seem to have been put out of sequence - probably during the website update/migration, or something. I shall have to tidy them up at some stage.    >:(


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