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NANY 2012 - Pledge & Final Release: Stick A Note

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Dear Friends,

Due to working in lots of project in different platform, both at office and home, I urgently need a sticky note for a given document, program, website etc. Better if it could sync with Simplenote web server. I also found discussion in DC here on similar subject.

Now I searched and tried GumNotes, which does what I want, but...after two days it is not working. All my notes have vanished and giving error "can not connect Simplenote" though same password works if I connect from browser.

Next I tried ResophNotes, more or less like QuickNote and can sync with simplenote. But can not mark note to a doc/prog like GumNotes.

Next I tried Stickes, which can mark note to a doc/prog but the logic is not good as like GumNotes.

I have more or less decided to make one for myself and use ResophNotes's text file option to sync with Simplenote.

Before I embark, please throw light to me to see another free one which does all these and may be more, and I will embrace it.

Embarked and brought the fruit below  :)

NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application Name Stick A Note Version 2.1.0 Short Description Stick a text note to a window of program or document. The note shows only on
that window and moves with it. Supported OSes WinXp and above Web Page Download Link Author Anand K Gupta

I use many programs which has one good feature, which I like, compare to others.
Now it so happens that the developer of the program names the exe in a small
way. If it is a portable then it is near to impossible for me to find out the
program whose that feature I remember and need it.

Also it may so happens that I found a 6 month old program on my computer and do
not remember what feature is better in it, or did I even liked it.

I need some sort of note to put against each program where I mention which
feature I like and can use in future.

I searched but none available free once could do do the job satisfactorily.

I developed Stick A Note.

Focusless note.
Note moves with window.
Saves notes in text files.
Auto hides or shows if window is inactive or active.
Hotekey toggle show/hide note.
Planned Features
Search in notes.


Unzip all the files into a directory you want, then launch it.

Using the Application
After run the program will sit in the system tray. Press Win+n key to show a note for the active window.

Delete all files and remove folder.



Before I embark, please throw light to me to see another free one which does all these and may be more, and I will embrace it.
-anandcoral (November 14, 2011, 05:34 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hehehe! A very wise question! I don't use them, so I can't make a recommendation for you, but I can certainly appreciate the predicament! :D

Thanks @Renegade for understanding me.

But looks like 'mum's word' is taken by everyone so that I embark. Hope I will be able to bring some treasure.  :)



Sounds good to me!   :up:

See the fruit of journey above (original post modified).

Still long way to go, but wanted to get it out in open, as deadline is closing.

Now to sit and look at the feedback of all Apps I have received till now, please wish me strength, badly need it.




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