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PhraseExpander 3, smart text expander software for customer care

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I'm glad to announce the availability of our new text expansion software.
For all those familiar with Direct Access, this is a completely redesigned version with a lot of new features like:
- Redesigned interface
- Completely new macro engine
- A completely redesigned interface
- SmartComplete: our new system to automatically complete phrases and words (you don't need to type the entire abbreviation)
- Phrase continuations
- Advanced manual input

Please, have a look at our new website at

So has Direct Access become PhraseExpander?

Yes, that's correct.

What are the pros and cons in comparison to ?

That answer (and indeed the using of the URL) tends to start flame wars, so I'd suggest that you check the two pages and decide for yourself.  I'd also suggest we leave off the topic at this point.  Just in before the almost inevitable argument, trying to stop it.


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