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PhraseExpander 3, smart text expander software for customer care

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I perfectly agree with you weaith808 and I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to our readers.
I just wanted to point out that my conversations here (I started a plain conversation without badmouthing anyone) are constantly hijacked by Bartels Media and every time he accuses its competitors of stealing (that's funny as they stole the entire copy of my homepage and I have prove of that).
Please, check the all the messages posted here and you'll see that, quite clearly.
The best way around this would simply to "moderate" the posts that are clearly defamatory instead of leaving them.
Just my thoughts.

Is it possible to lock or close a thread before things get out of hand?

Everyone has had their say (not only in this thread but in the others too), and we've all seen this discussion way too many times already.
I have locked the thread, if you have any trouble with that, please PM me.


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