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which hierarchical note program?

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i have to say they KeyNote is a little overwhelming for me..
i prefer a simpler user interface.. i always liked the minimal approach of jot+
until they tried to charge me for an update i thought should have been free for members, and slowed down the start up of the program by using Aramadillo protection.  Nice way to take care of your customers  >:(

yes, mouser, acdsee does sort of do it (probably picasa will do in some way - i shall have to investigate).

i can adapt to how acdsee wants to categories files. to be honest, it's very good when you make the effort to work it out.

i think i just need to devise a coherent way of making the notes amongst all the images.

I don't really know if it would meet your needs, but maybe try Ultra Recall from


thanks Jeff, ultra recall looks like it might just do it - depends on what image formats it can handle - downloading it now.

thinking about it a bit more - directory opus could do it in another way.

with it's 'file collections' feature i could group imags and notes (and anything else) together and get previews at the same time. just one thing...

...anyone know if it's possible to add comments to files within directory opus. like in a metadata way that would be searchable?

Supports the following images AFAIK

gif jpg jpeg eps jig tga tif pct tiff wmf bmp emf dib rel.   Looks like png is missing, might be an issue.

Only problem is it is a bit expensive at $US99.  You may be able to use its customisable attributes facility to add your notes to images



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