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which hierarchical note program?

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i would like to 'branch' out and begin using a hierarchical note program. but i have only one idea so far of which to go for: the one that Zaine mentions on his site - TexNotes Pro.

i know mouser uses something (i can't remember if you've mentioned the name of it before, mouser) and can well imagine that a lot of other visitors to this forum use one. so i ask: what are they?

i use ADBIdea on my pocket pc so i can see the usefullness of these programs but i'd really like something that can link to, or open directly, pretty much any common file type you care to mention. or is that asking too much?

TexNotes looks really good - but if there is something even more versatile i'd like to know your opinions. thanks.

first of all, let me repeat what i have said before,
a hierarchical note system is one of my most beloved apps, i wouldn't live without one.

but having said that, i'm not sure it matter all that much which one you ultimately decide on.
we will do a review of them at some point,
but basically i would look for simplicity, ease of use, ability to search.

you also have to decide if you want to be able to add pictures and stuff to your database (which i do not use, in fact i prefer just plain text).

some good ones:
  keynote (GOOD AND FREE! -> )

another thing that i have been experiment with lately,
is to use a help file making app for storing my notes...

Let me second the Keynote nomination!  EXCELLANT interface.  Also, 2.0 is in the works and looks to incorporate many of the features missing in 1.65 (eg built-in table support, real hyperlinks, picture support, etc.)  If you want a good preview, do a search on the TRichView component since this is the component Keynote will use in the second version.

Other programs I have tried: MyInfo, GSNotes, TexNotes.  But, none of these have the same file structure as Keynote and their interfaces are clunkier. 


thanks mouser and kfitting, they all look like decent programs for the text based kind of note taking.

i'll just explain why i was wanting something that would work with common file types but in truth my requirements are more specialised than that.

i'm main pc use is for graphic design, so as projects grow or ideas arrise i tend to have lots of images that are works in progress. the usual image viewers you can get are great for just that - viewing images. i'd find it helpful if i could keep notes about images or groups of images with links between the separate files - something like a hierachical text note program but for image files instead.

it's not just the image display i need it's the ability to keep notes on the images too - something where i can quickly write down ideas and see what comments i've made in the past relating to certain files.

the text style note programs you've both mentioned still look useful to me for other jobs so i'll try those out - i was just sort of wishful thinking that there might be some super duper program that would cater for images too.

(now that i'm thinking about it i can probably get something working with acdsee to a lesser extent.)

there are such programs.. for images i believe
programs for photographers that help you catalog images.
maybe acdsee already does it.  what about picasa?


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