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Baby Cody needs a place to visit!

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Is Baby Cody traveling already? and whereto? :)

Baby Cody is still with me, here in Stuttgart, Germany.
Pennsylvania sounds good, also y0himba was quickest to respond :)
Guess New Zealand would be next up after that, eh :)

Poland is closer :p

@gjehle: I got a different message to this post(?).
No problem whenever baby Cody wishes to head off to NZ will be OK for us. It's winter here at present, so summer might be better anyway - if he prefers warmer climes.
We live in Auckland, which is warmer than the more southern parts of NZ. A bit sub-tropical - e.g., warm enough for banana plants to grow in people's gardens. If Cody arrives here before we (my family) go for a trip to Thailand (where my wife comes from and where Lily was born), he can come with us. We will be going to the NE part, in a changwat (district) called Khon Kaen. According to the Lonely Planet guide, not more than 7% of tourists head in that direction - nothing much of interest for the usual tourists. The area is rather flat and is mostly rice and some other agriculture, very peaceful and safe - well away from the Muslim killings of the non-Muslims in the much more picturesque far south.

@fenixproductions hmhmhm true indeed :)

@IainB nice one! imagine me saying this with a bit of envy ;)

@y0himba @fenixproductions @IainB what about the following tour:
Poland -> Pennsylvania -> Auckland?

I guess Bady Cody has the worst carbon footprint ever... for a bird :>


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