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Baby Cody needs a place to visit!

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@gjehle: If we really wanted to aggravate Cody's carbon footprint, we could do worse than pop him on board with every flight that Al Gore goes on...          :D

Bady Cody has the worst carbon footprint
-gjehle (July 11, 2011, 06:11 AM)
--- End quote ---



Okay, after a lot of back and forth via PM I think we've arrived at a good compromise :)
First stopover from here will be Warsaw, Poland where fenixproductions will be hosting Baby Cody.
Then it'll be over the big pond to y0himba in Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA.
From there another trip over another pond down to Auckland, New Zealand and from there possibly to Thailand.

Now I'm really getting envious :x

I'll be seeing Baby Cody off within the week once I've made travel arrangements :)

we have lift-off!
i finally managed to send baby cody off on his travels.
next stop: warsaw, poland!

safe travels cody!


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