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Advanced Network Configurator

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G'day all, how are you? It's been a long time :) Hmmm 2 years? Anyway....

Advanced Network Configurator is my latest project.

Advanced Network Configurator is an IP address changer and network tool allowing you to quickly and easily change the IP addresses of your network cards without going through multiple dialog boxes. This is done via separate network profiles for each network interface found on your computer. A network profile consists of an IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway Address and DNS records. Different network profiles can be applied by double clicking on the profile icon or via the system tray icon. The configuration for each profile is located on the right sidebar so you can easily view and change details without going through special dialog boxes. Advanced Network Configurator is aimed at computer professionals and onsite field engineers whose daily job is troubleshooting, fault finding and monitoring various IP equipment. Advanced Network Configurator is donationware.

**** UPDATE ****

Link is back up, GUI and code have been completely redesigned / rewritten and new features have been added

NEW SCREENSHOTS of the new release (still Alpha 1):

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

You can download Advanced Network Configurator from

Please provide feedback, suggestions and report bugs.

Congratulations on the new release -- it looks very nice:up:

Thx Jesse, sorry guys, I have taken the link down, I have discovered something that needs fixing. I will put it back online shortly.

hmm.. link down?

GUI/skin is very nice, wondering what was used for the effect?

Usually nice GUI is a cover up for poor coding but just looking at the screen shots it looks pretty solid. Nice job man! Hit me back about the GUI.


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