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Advanced Network Configurator

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Hello everyone,

Apologies for taking the link down and for the delayed response. Link is back up again.

I made an executive decision 30 minutes after I uploaded the file. Reason: I didn't like the interface (sorry Conquer).

Well, I have been extremely busy for the last month. I have given the interface a complete overhaul and the code has been revised to accommodate the new interface. It took me longer than what I expected.

I tried my best to make sure the code is flexible, organized and functional. The software has been tested privately (at work) and I fixed every error reported.

I have tried to make sure the software behaves as a stable release rather than Alpha. Your feedback (positive or negative) is extremely important to me. No feedback discourages me from doing any further work on the project.

Concur: The interface was built with the TMS Component Pack.



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