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Macro Express Pro user, anyone?

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I plan to upgrade my Macro Express 3 to Pro version but few posts in Macro Express forum scare me... (those posts are from WinVista and Win7 users who run Macro Express)

Is there anyone using Macro Express Pro here? Do you find it OK with WinXP?

I am. It's rock solid for what I do.
Of what problems do the forums speak?

Hello tslim,

btw. - have you ever had a look to ??
the advantage ist among others, that you can convert macros to exe files with it's own compiler.
you can access dll files and and and - do nearly everything.
It's worth a try!

Kind greetings

I've used it too, and haven't found any problems.

I ran into unicode-related issues when I tried it (v. Can't say more than that as I uninstalled it quickly. I really wish software authors would be more up-front on unicode comparability.


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