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Macro Express Pro user, anyone?

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Just to ask the obvious, did you try wiping ME from your machine and starting over (after first saving your macros elsewhere)?
-cranioscopical (May 19, 2011, 03:49 PM)
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I didn't.
As long as only either is running, I don't see how the other can't just sit there on the harddisk...

Are you sure?
-tslim (May 19, 2011, 03:09 PM)
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Ummm... yes?  :huh:

My main problem in upgrading to the PRO version is really strange...

I have assigned different icon to almost all my Macro Express 3.x macros and those icons are stored in few ICL files.
I place those ICL files either:
1. In a HDD folder or
2. In a folder on my RamDrive. (Created with QSoft RanDrive,

Macro Express Pro crashes or become unstable if it tries to open/access a macro (converted from ME3) which has been assigned an icon from a ICL file sit on my RamDrive (case 2. above). If the assigned icon is from a HDD (case 1. above) then there won't be a problem.

Macro Express 3.x, True LaunchBar, Axialis IconWorkShop all have no problem openning icon in those ICL files that sit on my RamDrive, except for this crazy Macro Express Pro...

Anyone here care to help me confirm my findings?
Just grab a copy of QSoft RamDrive from the above address and place the attached ICL file on the RamDrive created by it then try to assign your Macro Express Pro macro with an icon from the ICL (particularly icon#3, you should see it crashes...


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