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Please kill me now - just bought an iPad off of eBay

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As a someone that considers anything Apple related as anathema, I have now digitally soiled myself by buying an iPad (version 1).

My excuse: I need it for website testing as I've found that trying to emulate how Safari works on these devices (and iPhone) isn't the same as really using Safari on them. (There must be some weird Safari and OS bugs going on.)

I've also told myself that, maybe, just maybe, my parents will stop being frightened by the internet and use the tablet rather than a netbook. Yeah, fat chance - but if they do then I'll consider it worth allowing the wretched Apple machine into the house.

Now, please excuse me whilst I go and flagellate myself for being such a hypocrite.


You are forgiven! We must do what we must do to get by! :)

it's a beautiful looking gadget, you'll enjoy it -- don't be so hard on yourself.

I sympathize. I also am having apple-buyers guilt. I think it helps if you don't think of the ipad as a computer, rather just a new toy that you can play with. Gain comfort with the idea that productive computing still remains mostly in a non-apple world. Don't get me wrong, the ipad is useful, but I would never use it a productivity tool. I don't consider checking email a productive activity either so don't pull that on me later.
It seems like that is Apple's philosophy as well, being that you still have to tether the ipad to an actual computer and the lack of any kind of file access ability.
I bought the ipad as a fun new toy. That is an excuse enough for me.

That sounds like a perfect description; I shall persuade my parents it is nothing more than a toy and "fun" to use. I'm just concerned that as soon as they have to type something on it the fun will quickly disappear.


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