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Latest Version - FlipSuite (Flipbook Printer Suite) v2.04.01 - June 3, 2011

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I'm happy to announce the release of FlipSuite 2 (aka Flipbook Printer Suite 2).

* Official Web page:
v2.04.01 - June 3, 2011

* [BugFix] Fixed crashing that could occur after printing.
* [MajorFeature] Added new special flipcap capture mode that captures only a specific number of frames explicitly, without audio.  This can result in much smaller files, faster capturing user interface, and the ability to handle larger resolution captures.
* [MinorTweaks] Minor tweaks to improve capture user interface.
FlipSuite is the evolution of a previous program of mine, Flipbook Printer (designed to let you print "Flip Books" from video movie files on pre-scored business card paper or a professional card cutter) , combined with the video recording features of another of my programs (Webcam Video Diary).

Where Flipbook Printer was made to print out video files that had been recorded using other means, FlipSuite includes substantial video recording functionality built-in, something that Flipbook Printer users have long requested.

It includes all of the functionality of Flipbook Printer, as well as some major feature improvements and bug fixes.  The program can still be used as a standalone flipbook printer and my intention is to retire the independent FlipbookPrinter build in favor of FlipSuite.

FlipSuite's development was funded by the company that now owns the commercial rights to the software, and they have generously allowed us to continue to distribute a fully functional free version.  The only restriction for personal users is a tiny bit of text on the far left margin that states the program is not to be used for commercial purposes.  If you wish to use FlipbookPrinter or FlipSuite in a commercial enterprise you need to contact them and purchase a commercial license.

There are a TON of options in this program -- and the default options may not be suited for your needs -- so please be prepared to spend some time getting it configured for your best usage.

This is awesome :-*

There are indeed a ton of options, and I have no movies to be printed, but it's surely a big motivator of finally using my phone to make a few movies and get me a nice flipbook. Really cool 8)

Is this a (free) trial software?

It's fully functional, non-expiring, and has no feature limitations. The only thing that home users will see is a tiny bit of text on printed flipbooks that says it's not for commercial use.

Event operators need to purchase a commercial license from OpenAirEventSolutions, and that removes that text.

Thanks mouser.

The LicenseFile.txt specifically talks about 'trial period' and the Personal Printer Suite's "About" window shows number of days left before renewal. Hence the confusion.


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