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Windows standard beep ("ding") when changing between screenshots

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Look at the file name. Is that normal?

Turning "Select" off in control panel for sounds make SC, or Vista, use Ding.wav - after search of that weird file name. Using the reg-file make it go silent. CCselect is referenced but nothing happens because it is set to nothing. Going back in to control panel, selecting any random file for select will work BUT when choosing nothing SC once again reverts to Ding.wav - must run reg file again.

An interesting comment in that thread is:
That's actually a bug in the v5 common controls.  If your app is manifested to use the v6 common controls it won't happen.
--- End quote ---

So i might be able to fix it by adding details to manifest of screenshot captor.

Here is a snippet from Process Monitor. Action from the moment I click.

I did not read comments but went straight to regedit  :P

What process is searching for that file?  I am totally confused.  Is this happening because your Windows System sounds configuration is messed up specifying to use a sound file that doesn't exist, leading windows itself to try to conduct a search for a missing sound file?  Or is something else happening?

And I still don't understand if we're saying that the fix to this problem is to fix a bad configuration in your System Windows Sounds, or if we're saying there it something that Screenshot Captor is doing that is causing windows to get confused about what sound to play, etc.

Screenshot Captor is or at least it request that file. PID 8964 is SC. After I run that regfile crazy file name is not there. If I go in to sound panel and mess with Select entry, disable/enable 10 times - ending with not attaching any wav problem returns and reg-file must be run again.

For the rest of your questions I am ??? But I rarely touch sound panel, have no programs messing with it either. So weird. I would like to see other victims run Process Monitor when clicking.


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