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Windows standard beep ("ding") when changing between screenshots

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Jesper Hertel:
I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium SP2.

Same except I also get beep in detailed view, with both mouse and key clicks.

Vista 64bit and Screenshot Captor 2.90.01

If you exit SC and restart it, does the beep on select start happening right away when you start selecting files?  or does it only start happening once youve been using the program for a while?

If you look at the statubar on screenshot captor, do you see any text there that seems unusual when you select a file?

This fixed it for me

I checked in Process Monitor and ccselect is called, then half the hd including a usb stick! is searched for that file. Seems like 30-40 random folders. Ends up in Windows folders with a successful DING.WAV ,stupid.

Notice file name of wanted wav file, weird.

That article is a really nice find Bamse, it seems to suggest that the beep has to do with a general windows setting in any file explorer.

You guys suffering from it could confirm that it's not screenshot captor specific by opening up windows explorer and selecting items through it.

However i don't understand the screenshot Bamse posted or what you are saying about what you were searching for, etc.  Could you explain?


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