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WebcamVideoDiary: v1.03.01 - Mar 4, 2015

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No way: in Program Options -> Hardware -> Video Device Settings -> Video Source -> Video Input Device, I have the following options:

Google Camera Adapter 1
Google Camera Adapter 0
USB Video Device

Unfortunately none of them works, even if I am on the Live Camera Video tab.

insert_nick, that is strange.. i wonder what is unusual about your video camera device that makes it not available to the webcam library. since this is my first experience coding for such a thing, let's see what other reports we get from other users about compatibility with their cameras.

Very Important:

This application is not going to be useful to many people
-mouser (December 22, 2010, 07:58 PM)
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You kidding me?  I'm definitely using this!  Maybe I should start my own "Boy Takes Picture of Himself Everyday for 10 Years" thingy.  :P

Edit:  First impressions:  Wow, I'm loving it.  It's pretty nice.  Could this program maybe be portable?
Edit2:  The scroll bar is messing up.  The theme disappears when you drag it.

mouser, 1.02.01 works for me too! It's a great app, with some more features how nice it would be for those lucid dreaming purposes that I wrote about before :) Also, the same features would be useful to take quick but effective notes about ideas when they pop into mind (and I can think a lot of other possible uses too...)

PS: could you post a notification in this thread whenever you update the software? (I didn't notice the availability of the 1.02.01 version).

I'm glad it works for you insert_nick!

Please do start posting feature ideas and bug report -- but lets do those in new threads in this section.  I'm very interested in hearing how people use the program or want to use it.

Could this program maybe be portable?
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All of my programs can be used portably.  Just unzip the setup program with any unzip program (rename extension from .exe to .zip if you like).  Then edit the ConfigDir.ini file (rename ConfigDir_Sample.ini to ConfigDir.ini) and make the first line: PORTABLE=TRUE


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