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WebcamVideoDiary: v1.03.01 - Mar 4, 2015

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Download latest version from Official Web Page: HERE.

This program is being released as part of the NANY 2011 challenge.

What is Webcam Video Diary good for?

* Takes snapshots and videos and lets you annotate them with text notes.
* Organizes images/videos automatically in folders based on the date.
* Highly customizable user interface and recording options.
* Designed to stay resident in the system tray and be triggered by hotkeys, for users who intend to use it throughout the day.
It is still in very early beta stage, so expect:

* Very rough edges
* No help file to speak of
* You need to really configure it and experiment to get good initial webcam configuration settings.
Noteworthy features:

* All video/image/notes are standard files stored in normal directories on your disk that you can work with in other programs.  Notes are stored in standard standalone .txt files with same base name as their associated image/video files.
An example usecase for Webcam Video Diary:
You want to be able to take image snapshots from your webcam throughout they day and annotate them with notes, while you are working:

* Configure a hotkey to trigger an image capture.
* Configure it to minimize to the tray.
* Configure it to switch to media file view after taking an image capture.
* Now just minimize the program to the tray.  When you are ready to take a new image, hit the hotkey; image snapshot will be taken and filed into the folder associated with the current date, and pop up with the cursor in the notes field for you to enter your notes for the screenshot.
* You can configure the program to keep the video connected at all times for fastest response, or to only connect the webcam when an image snapshot is triggered.
* Same thing can be done for videos.
Feature requests welcome.

Very Important:

This application is not going to be useful to many people, but if you are someone who thinks you can benefit from it, it is *VERY* important that you take some time to experiment with the different resolution and compression choices available in the options.  If you do not do so, you will end up with huge video files that have lots of dropped frames.

I could use assistance with finding a good set of reliable settings for some of these values; and please do share your experiences finding a good combination of resolution/compression values.

I won't be able to give other feedback before December 28, but I've quickly tried it and I can say that the camera doesn't work (I get no video, just black). It's a built-in webcam into an Acer notebook, usually it just works (e.g. with flash apps/websites).

I think this is a wonderful idea for an app there mouser, excellent work!

I unfortunately do not currently have a webcam hooked up, but I definitely own one. If I can find it, this might actually give me a reason to use it! Reminds me of Avatar haha. It's an excellent idea though, I hate journaling. This would actually get me to do it.

insert_nick, make sure you explore the options, and switch to the Live Video tab.

this is a very highly configurable program, and it's going to require some exploration of the options before you get the hang of it.


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