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tc1100 tablet pc dies before i've even set it up

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oooohhhhhh!!!  Bike Terminator!

Crap!  I just bought a Coolermaster Storm Sentinel.

okay, that is very, very, interesting. i will have to look into that properly. erm, thanks for creating more trouble for me  :)-nudone (October 06, 2010, 06:25 PM)
--- End quote ---

knowing your fetish interest in keyboards (and because I just can't help poking the snake with a stick), how about this one...

Mini Wireless Keyboard

well i never...

i was looking at that mini keyboard yesterday on eBay; plus a few others.

the reason: i was trying to find something to use in conjuction with the Motion LE1700 tablet as that only has a few physical buttons at the top of the case (in portrait mode). not very handy when you are using a drawing program like Alias Sketchbook or Photoshop that use lots of hotkeys.

i thought, maybe, i could fix the mini keyboard to the Motion's case rather than drag a full size keyboard around. the idea of the Motion was to have a more portable Cintiq like device after all.

at the moment, i'm not going to bother with any extra keyboards as i'm still undecided about keeping the Motion. if it stays then i'll revisit the mini keyboard idea.

bike terminator - good comparison.

rats and sinking ships - the choppy waters i sail across the great eBay Sea will no doubt bring my frail lifeboat down eventually.

I'm still getting used to the Motion LE1700, searching through forums for tips related to the machine, and gradually coming to the conclusion it's a pretty decent device.

It's clear I'm just one of many that have trod the same path trying to find a "nice" digital drawing computer set up.

Lots of artists (working professionally in animation/illustration/movies/etc) have been very disappointed with Wacom tablets AND Wacom Cintiqs. So, I feel better than I'm not demanding too much from these tablets; they really are a lot crapper than they should be - more experienced people than me say so.

The path tends to be wacom tablet -> wacom cintiq -> motion LE1700. With the final conclusion that the LE1700 is closer to a traditional drawing experience (the portability and feel of the device also can't be ignored).

As usual, the machine isn't perfect and there are tweaks to apply before getting the most out of it (which I've yet to do).

What has prompted me to post today is that it seems I paid too much for my LE1700. It was £750 on eBay; which I thought was a bargain at the time. I've now seen them for £500 on there...

BUT, this is, probably, more interesting to those of you considering buying a second-user tablet: the LE1600 is even cheaper (obviously because it's less powerful and older). I've seen quite a few on eBay for around $200. And the LE1600 isn't much different to the LE1700 really, not for common tasks. I've seen a clip on youtube that even demonstrates that the LE1600 has a brighter screen with better viewing angles than the LE1700.

I honestly feel like I've made the wrong decision every step of the way purchasing all these tablets.

Knowing what I know now, I'd have gone straight for a LE1600. It would have been about the same price as the tc1100 but with larger screen. Anyway, too late to have regrets. The consenses seems to be that the LE1700 is just right for digital drawing so, I guess, I wouldn't have been satisfied just getting the older model (though the screen brightness is something that is making me think I've got the wrong machine).


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