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Feature requests: :D

Any way you could add a button to "clean up" the list? i.e. click a button to remove all the good tracks from the list and show only the ones that fail? I just scanned my library of 3,000+ files and it appears there are one or two bad ones in there, but they're kind of hard to find in that huge list.

Also, a status report would be great at the end of a scan. If the status bar at the bottom of the App (where it says "Ready." said something like: "Scan Complete: x Good, y Bad Tracks found" that would be great!

Hi skwire.
I wanted to request if you could fix something. I guess the TrackErr is not unicode friends and thus my files that are in non-english language are being shown as 'missing' or 'unplayable'.  I assure you these music files are present and playable with foobar, musicbee and winamp (confirmed).

Here's a pic for proof:

Any chance of getting this fixed?

Also, could we get a right click option for 'go to original file' or something along those lines when I right click under any entry in the filename column?

2017-05-14 0659hrs: Just thought I'd report from a brief test that for TrackErr v1.0.1.1:

* (a) TrackErr seems to work fine on Windows 10 ( says it is not tested on Windows 10).
* (b) DCUpdater shows installed version of TrackErr as being v1.0.1.1 (which is apparently correct), but the version on the Web as being v1.0.0.1. Not sure why the web version is older.


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